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Helping You To Profit On The Betting Exchanges

Welcome to Trading for Profits. I set this site up after requests from my Racing Profits subscribers to share what I had learnt over the past 6 years trading on the betting exchanges Betfair / Betdaq. I added trading into my own betting strategy in 2006 and it has now become the foundation on which my entire betting strategy is built, giving me a consistent income £200 – 250 day in and day out.

Trading On The Betting Exchanges – The Safest Form Of Betting

Trading On The Betting ExchangesI truly believe that there is no safer form of betting than trading on the betting exchanges, to give reliable profit each day. The fact that your capital is exposed to risk for such short periods of time minimises the chance of any serious impact on your betting bank.

The key is in adopting the mindset of making small regular profitable trades to “build” yourself an overall profit. This is where trading is very different to other forms of betting where you are looking to place a stake to “make” a certain profit from your bet if it is successful. As I developed my 6 Week Trading Training to help people learn the art of profitable trading, this was one area I focused alot of time on, as once you are able to adopt this mindset, everything becomes far more predictable in your trading career.

I hope you enjoy looking through the site, I recommend you take a good look at:

Trading Videos – In this series of videos I run through an introduction to the world of trading on the betting exchanges including alook at the eachanges themselves, software, hardware and some examples of me trading to give you an overview of life as an exchange trader.

Trading Training – Over the past 5 months I have put together a video training course consisting of 50 videos to teach you all the basics of exchange trading, reading and understanding markets and how to “scalp” and “swing” trade profitably.

Trading Interviews – I regularly meet and discuss trading with many of the industries top traders and developers and I will be including my interviews in this section of the site. I have uploaded the 7 part interview I did with Peter Webb in 2011 for you to enjoy.

Trading Resources – In this section I share many of my resources and recommendations to make your trading life far easier and more profitable.

Take your time to look through the Trading For Profits site and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me on and I will be happy to help.

Here’s to your profitable trading on the betting exchanges.

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